GMO’s and the Future of Food Labeling

Interested in the legal implications of GMO and food labeling? There is an upcoming webcast from entitled “GMO’s and the Future of Food Labeling” that will be presented by attorney David Cykiert.  For more information on this program – see below!

Perdue chicken nuggets – they came in those CRAZY shapes… dinosaurs, stars, guitars, etc.. Seriously, half the fun of eating chicken nuggets was actually playing with them. But of course, no nourishment manipulation, as mannerists tend to label the art, could sneak by Mom or Dad’s eye for too long without drawing the mechanical, predictable, “Don’t play with your food” instruction!

Well the times, they are-a-changin’ and playing with food now means something entirely new. Rather than using the seeds that have evolved over time to grow our food, we’re using seeds created in labs to resist diseases, withstand harsh treatment, and feed a growing, generally hungry population. So once again, as we’ve progressed from Purdue eaters to chicken scientists, here we are again, playing with our food.

In California, a recent initiative sought to end the genetic (playing with) engineering of food products and inputs. Although the voter-proposed legislation was eventually defeated, the battle was close and is now leaking into other, similarly progressive states. As attorneys, it behooves us to comprehend what might be the beginning of a major shift in our nation’s food production law paradigm. In this course, lover of foods great and small, David Cykiert discusses the origin and future of Prop 37, California’s failed yet powerful attempt at changing the future of food.

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