Kitchen Cheat Sheet: Top 15 Herbs & Spices

1. Paprika: Used for dry rubs, sauces, coloring agent and as a garnish. Comes in sweet, smoked and hot varieties.


2. Garlic Powder: Used for dry rubs, sauces, and generally any recipe that calls for garlic.

Garlic Powder

3. Crushed Red Pepper: Used for dry rubs, sauces, and mainly Italian dishes such as sprinkled atop pizza and pasta.

Crushed Red Pepper

4. Cumin: Used for dry rubs and predominantly in Mexican cooking.


5. Curry Powder: Used in curries, sauces and as a dry rub for chicken.

Curry Powder

6. Turmeric: Used as flavor or color in curries, rice, mustard, butters and cheeses.


7. Bay Leaves: Integral for soups and stews.

Bay Leaves

8. Dried Sumac: Used rubbed into meats and fish, mixed into marinades and sprinkled over salads.

Dried Sumac

9.  Za’atar: Commonly used on  breads and dips. Also good when baking chicken or sprinkled onto omelets.


10. Saffron: Good for broths, rice and sauces.


11. Rosemary: Commonly used when cooking meats and potatoes.


12. Cinnamon: Used in baking and curries.


13. Cayenne Pepper: Used across the board to heat up any dish. Can also be used to spice up hot cocoa.

Cayenne Pepper

14. Thyme:  Used in salads, soups, dips and sauces, stews, and rice dishes.


15. Ginger: Commonly used in Asian cooking such as stir fries but can also be used in baking, teas and desserts.


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