Counseling the New York Local Food Movement (Part 2)

Back in February, I highlighted a recent Lawline program on “Counseling the Local Food Movement in New York,” where attorney Cari Rincker illuminated a plethora of legal issues attorneys should consider when counseling clients including farmers’ markets, roadside stands, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s) and Home-based food processing.

In part two of this series, Cari returns by giving attorneys a deeper understanding of the laws affecting the local food movement in NY.  Cari reveals to practitioners the various issues surrounding urban and suburban agriculture, on-farm poultry slaughter, agriculture districts and the right-to-farm law, regulation of meat and eggs sold in intrastate commerce and the National Organic Program.

This program, accompanied with part 1, truly gives a thorough overview of the issues both practitioners and clients alike should know about the NY local food movements.

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