Best Coffee in the Financial District, NYC

I recently asked New Yorkers on Quora what their favorite NYC coffee shop was in the Financial District.  I got some really great responses and did a little research myself and then I went around and tried them all.  Here are my top picks:



This “Sweden meets New York City” coffee shop is the number one place to get the perfect cup of joe. All their coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans, sourced from Brazil, El Salvador and Ethiopia (no bean dilution here). Beans are roasted according to a “traditional Swedish method which produces a bold, yet smooth cup without any bitterness.”  They also have the most delicious chocolate and a perfect accompaniment to any beverage you get.

Lastly, they pride themselves as supporting the local economy by having fresh milk delivered daily from an upstate New York Farm, beans roasted in Brooklyn and a chocolate factory in Tribeca. Fika combines the perfect elements to make it the best coffee shop in Fidi – hands down.

Gregory's Coffee

Gregory’s Coffee

Gregory’s in Fidi is the new kid in town that has stolen my heart twice over.  One, their French Press coffee is beautifully done and exceptionally made each time I order it. Two, the service is truly wonderful.  Every encounter with every staff member there is a pleasure – each equally knowledgeable, unpretentious and genuinely interesting individuals. Gregory’s has accomplished the true essence of the “coffee shop”:  Great coffee plus excellent conversation to boot.

Bean & Bean

Bean & Bean

What I like about Bean & Bean (aka “Bean”) is that if you want a true caffeine pick me up – then there is no match.  It is the go-to place to successfully beat the weekday 3:00pm struggle. Maybe its because they roast their organic coffee beans daily. Maybe it’s because they always have an upbeat and bright vibe. Or maybe I just love them because of their organic milk selection and eco-friendly cups, straws and bags.  Either way, Bean is a solid place for quality coffee in Fidi.

bluestone lane coffee

Blue Stone Lane Coffee

This Australian influenced coffee shop is a hidden gem tucked away in a small dark alleyway off Exchange Place.  Their coffee is consistent and perfectly executed and use only organic fair traded beans.

Bluestone’s staple “flat white” is a must try and absolutely to die for. They can even make it with Almond milk – an ingredient that is surprisingly still impossible to find across any chain coffee shop.  Although seating is limited, it still succeeds in providing a really enjoyable coffee shop experience due to its friendly staff and warm atmosphere.

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