Food Word of the Week: Ordering in the Native Tongue

I have always been pretty good with languages. I can pick up the basics of most with ease. I love the way languages can be musical, guttural, sharp or soothing. Perhaps some of the most entertaining parts of learning a language are learning how to say your favorite foods.

On the car ride home yesterday, my father put me to the test and began quizzing me on the Japanese equivalent for various sushi menu items.  I am proud to share I got 15 out of 22 that he quizzed me on. And to my defense, I never even heard of 3 of terms he posed.

That is when it hit me.

I know at least 15 Japanese words and yet, I never use any of them in a restaurant.  That, of course, will change with this realization. More importantly (and in the spirit of lifelong food learning), this Wednesday I will begin a “Wednesday Word of the Week” series so that all you lovers of international cuisine can do the same.

As you expand your vocab, I challenge everyone to use the word the next time you go into a restaurant of that origin.

See you this Wednesday!


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