Happy Saturday! NYC Brunch … at Home?

Brunch has become a weekend staple for New Yorkers.  It’s not a question of if you’re going to brunch but rather when and where. 

However, my boyfriend and I dubbed today “no plans Saturday” where we literally decided to play the whole day by ear.  About 30 minutes ago we decided to break our mold and brunch at home. This is what ensued:


  • Jalapeño Scallion Omelette
  • Thyme home fries made with a medley of tricolor fingerling potatoes.
  • Serve with French baguette, sliced vine tomato and Haas avocado.

Simplicity is key and good ingredients is everything here. Local tricolored potatoes, freshly baked French baguette, organic vine tomatoes, organic free-range pasture raised eggs, and the Haas Avocado allow even the fresh thyme to take a back seat to these naturally delicious foods.

The trick is to make the potatoes first as they take the longest time to cook. Then, while the omelette is cooking slice your bread, tomatoes and avocado. 

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