Weekly Series

Memorable Monologue Monday

Mondays are tough.  The long stretch of days begin and so does switching your mind from weekend to workweek. Therefore, every Monday, Sigalle Barness posts a memorable monologue on her Life Blog, a movie or tv show to get you inspired, get you thinking, or, at the very least, give you a few laughs.

Travel Tip Tuesday

Every Tuesday, take a break from your day and read one of Sigalle’s travel tips based on her own experiences around the globe.  Tips vary from places to dine, areas to visit to travel advice and hacks. These can be found on Sigalle Barness’ Life Blog.

Food Film Friday

Every Friday, as you count down the minutes until the 5:00 whistle, Sigalle Barness will share a movie clip to get you ready for the weekend! After, all what’s a better way to start a weekend than discovering a film about food?

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