Food, Beverage and Agriculture: The Inner Workings

We live in a world where terms like “All Natural,” “GMO,” and “humane livestock conditions” are part of a daily discourse.  As such, the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture industry is confronted with increasing demands from consumers and regulatory bodies to maintain ethical business practices.

I recently helped developed an 11-part Lawline Industry event that provides an exclusive series of programs focusing on the key issues impacting the Food, Beverage, and Agriculture industry today.

I was so honored to work with Lawline Industry Practitioners that came out to share their knowledge on labor and employment, labeling, trademark, and regulatory compliance issues.

What I learned went far beyond just your every day understanding and instead gave me true insight into the inner workings of the food and beverages we consume before it even ends up in our glass or plate.

View the programs here.

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